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OSSUR- Prosthetic and Injury Solutions

Below are some samples of OSSUR Prosthetic and Injury Support products.   To see the complete line of OSSUR products click here. For more information on OSSUR and other products please contact us.




--With consistent ground clearance, terrain adaptation, and easy swing initiation – The world’s first BIONIC leg eliminates the need for gait deviations and helps restore a natural gait.

Total Knee®  Junior

Total Knee®  Junior

The Total Knee Junior is a smaller version of the Total Knee adult model. It offers stability security, natural motion, ease of walking, and is easy to cosmetically cover. This model offers up to 160 degrees of knee flexion which makes this prosthetic both extremely versatile and natural for active children engaging in high level activities such as walking, running, squatting, and kneeling.

Total Knee Junior features:

Polycentric knee with geometric locking system
adjustable stance flexion
Adjustable extension promoter
Low build height and slender profile

Re-Flex RotateRe-Flex Rotate™

The robust, high performance foot design of the Re-Flex Rotate with EVO allows the user to maintain daily living, work and leisure all while enjoying the comfort and confidence to reach their full potential.


The world's first and only active prosthesis for above-knee amputees.

Equalizer® Walker

 Equalizer® Walker

The Equalizer Walker features a contoured strut design that conforms to your patients’ anatomy. This ensures a better fit than traditional walkers. 
The impact of heel striking during ambulation is greatly reduced by the unique shock absorbing sole.
Addition of the rocker bottom is specifically engineered to be a low and wide to promote a natural, stable gait
The Equalizer Walker is intended for soft tissue injuries, grade 2 and 3 sprains, or stable fractures. It may be used post-operation, for trauma, or for rehab use.

Rebound Hip™

Rebound Hip™The Rebound Hip is designed to help hip arthroscopy patients heal properly and safely perform their daily activities. This promotes successful post-surgical outcomes. The design of the brace protects against hip dislocation while also reducing pain through positional and motional control in flexion, extension and abduction.



PROPRIO FOOT is an adaptive prosthetic device for low to moderately active below-knee amputees that mimics natural foot motion. Motor-powered ankle motion increases ground clearance and reduces the risk of tripping and falling. This allows users to traverse different kinds of terrain in a natural and secure way.


Key features:

  • Increases ground clearance, reduces the risk of trips and falls and enhances safety and gait quality.

  • Enables users to focus on their surroundings, instead of the walking terrain, offering a high degree of gr

  • ound compliance, on all kinds of surfaces.

  • Reduces strain on knees, hips and back.

  • Enhances stability, efficiency and comfort on inclines, declines and stairs.

  • Maintains symmetry and alignment while changing shoes.