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Hands and Wrist 
Feet and Ankles
 Leg and Knee

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Easily defined as referring to “replacement”, can be something as simple as a missing finger or as elaborate as legs, arms, hands, or feet. The prosthesis must be comfortable, sturdy, attractive, lightweight and most importantly, the appropriate prescription for the patient. The relationship between a prosthetist and a patient is a life-long affair and requires more than just technical expertise. (...more)

Vacuum Suspension Systems

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See some of the most innovative prosthetic devises available today from our following vendors:
Ossur, Iwalk Biom, Otto Bock, Freedom InnovationsWillow Wood, TRS, N-Abler, Bionx


On the other hand, is the use of assistive devices to support or aid impaired or abnormal joints or extremities.
Skyland Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. offers shoes and custom foot orthotics for hard-to-fit feet and specializes in diabetic foot care from maintenance to off-loading trouble spots. This department also provides all ranges of orthotics from neck and spinal braces to very complex lower-extremity braces for all types of diagnoses.  (...more)

Child Services

Orthopedic Shoes

Child Prosthetic legs

Kids can be quite different to treat than adults.  There can be anxiety and they may not fully understand what is going to happen.  We try to make your child feel at ease and comfortable with our staff and their new prosthetic or orthotic devices. 

Cranial Helmets


Mastectomy Services

 After Surgery Comfort
Custom Fit Bra's
Custom Swim Suits

 Mastectomy fitter

Address the special need for both corrective and, equally important, cosmetic devices to help a woman feel good about herself again following the surgical removal of a breast. A mastectomy creates a physical imbalance in a woman’s body that often goes unaddressed.
Skyland Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc. has an incomparable
inventory of post-mastectomy garments and breast prostheses and has a motto of “if we don’t have it, we’ll get it”. Also available is a varied selection of wigs, turbans and mastectomy bathing suits.
Come visit the bodacious and frilly fitting boudoir, which in itself is worth a visit to the facility.