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 Prosthetic Feet

Freedom Innovations offers a wide variety of foot prosthetic products. Whether it’s the intelligent hydraulics in the Kinterra® Foot/Ankle system, which enable a gait that looks and feels so normal, it’s extraordinary. Or the Catapult® PowerSpring design that delivers up to 30% greater energy return. Or the Renegade’s Z-Shock Technology® which is the lightest weight shock absorbing system available. Freedom Innovations continues to pioneer advances that push the capabilities for lower limb amputees beyond old constraints.

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Prosthetic Foot


 Prosthetic Ankle

Freedom Innovations provides amputees with the technology that allows them to lead a full lives. Their ankle products offer articulation at the ankle joint to provide improved stability and comfort while sitting, squatting, and during ambulation on level ground, slopes, and while navigating uneven terrain.

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 Prosthetic Ankle

 Prosthetic Knees

The Plié® Knee creates new opportunities for prosthetic users to reclaim their freedom and enjoy life on their own terms. With breakthroughs in microprocessor control, sensors, low power design, custom software applications, Bluetooth integration, and more, they have demonstrated a continued commitment to pushing the boundaries of prosthetic knee technology.

The Plié MPC Knee has earned the Gold in the 2008 Medical Design Excellence Awards and in 2012, was awarded the Terman Award presented by the TechAmerica Foundation for excellence in technology design.

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 Prosthetic Knee

 Microprocessor Controlled Ankles

Freedom Kinnex integrates the world’s fastest responding microprocessor ankle/foot technology and carbon fiber to provide low – to moderate impact K3 ambulators the stability they expect – instantly.   Unmatched ground compliance, improved comfort, and automated heel height adjustments keep users firmly grounded and connected, wet or dry. Designed for low to moderate K3 level ambulators that require unsurpassed ground compliance for everyday activities. With 30 degrees of microprocessor controlled motion, 20° plantar and 10° dorsi, Kinnex allows the prosthetic user to navigate environmental obstacles such as: ramps, slopes, uneven terrain, and stairs with added confidence and stability. This motion also reduces internal socket pressures and improves the comfort when sitting, squatting or standing.

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Microprocessor controlled ankle




Offering a wide range of titanium, aluminum and carbon fiber products that are CE marked and tested to ISO 10328 standards, Freedom Innovations provides adapter and component solutions to meet the unique requirements of complex prosthetic fittings. With the prosthetic adapter line, Freedom Innovations offers inventive solutions to meet your prosthetic fitting needs including General Use, Heavy Duty (rated up to 500 lbs.), Kits designed for multiple build height requirements and adapters for our Silhouette products.

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