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Starting at infancy and carrying through adulthood, many children will require orthotic care. Our multidisciplinary approach for pediatric support services will address the unique and individual needs of each child that comes through our doors. Your son or daughter will receive personal, high-quality attention to provide the greatest rehabilitation outcome possible.



Each of our orthotists is required to advance their training through ongoing education to ensure they grow with your child and provide the most up-to-date care. We strive to be at the top of the field by offering the latest technologies, exceptional clinical expertise, and an environment that is welcoming to children. We know it can be intimidating for children to be surrounded by people they are unfamiliar with. With this in mind, we make the child's comfort one of our top priorities. A child receiving care must feel they are in a familiar, safe place if they are to fully concentrate on rehabilitation.

In our clinic we offer orthotics custom made to fit every individual's needs. Ranging from the neck and spine to the extremities, our orthotics can address nearly all conditions which require orthotic attention. Our goal is to create comfortably fitting products that improve the daily lives of our clients and help them to live active lifestyles. 


Conditions, like cerebral palsy, that affect the neuromuscular system are complex and require close attention from specialists. Our orthotists begin by addressing the individual needs of each child and setting treatment goals appropriate for their condition. 


 Plagiocephaly Often referred to as “flat head syndrome”.  Treatment involves scanning the child’s head, by utilizing a 3D scanner, and constructing a helmet that fits the child’s head perfectly. This harmless, precision scanning allows for the best fitting helmet and promotes the growth of proper skull shape. 


Cranial Helmet 


An abnormal curvature and twisting of the spine could affect children during growth periods; this is known as Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis (AIS). Our bracing options can help manage this spine irregularity by offering either full-time or night-time prosthetic devices that correct spinal position by applying appropriate and comfortable pressure to the torso.





Over pronation is a symptom of excessively relaxed ligaments that allow a child’s heels to fall inward and medial arch to appear to collapse. Though some pronation is normal, if a child has exaggerated toe-out gait (seems to walk like a duck), trips easily, or fatigues from normal running and playing, the child is probably over pronating.  Pediatric, custom-made foot orthotics or supramalleolar orthotics can be used to correct this pronation and promote health balance, gait, and posture.  Then the growth and  development of the feet will have a more positive alignment and function, reducing complications of flat feet in adulthood.


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