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Sylva NC Orthotics Products and Services

Located in Sylva NC Serving Western North Carolina the orthotics department consists of skilled, certified orthotists, as well as impeccable technical assistance, specializing in upper and lower extremity orthotic bracing, both metal and plastic. Also available are custom knee braces for any type of knee insufficiency, temporary or permanent. In addition to these services, complete foot care is provided from orthopedic shoes and custom foot orthotics to personalized diabetic foot care.

Foot care for diabetic patients is a crucial part of the regimen that should be followed on a continuing basis. Shoes with extra depth to accommodate custom foot orthotics are available to patients with proper documentation.
Many styles of shoes for both men and women are now available. The once perceived “ clunky” orthopedic shoe is no longer the typical image. There are now many fashionable, colorful types of shoes from which to choose. As a matter of fact, the staff is happy to have ordering privileges from our vendors!

Come visit our Asheville area location for the great selection, warm inviting environment and helpful staff.