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The DynamicArm Elbow prosthesis gives you the power and speed to get things done! It incorporates a powerful electric motor in combination with the Vario Drive clutch to help you both flex and extend your elbow—while holding up to 11 lbs! Paired with the SensorHand Speed—the fastest, most powerful prosthetic hand available –the system is able to handle it all. Its Automatic Forearm Balance system spares energy and makes it look and feel even more natural.

Lift yourself to the next level

Grasp, hold, and be active

Myoelectric prostheses generally respond to the respective muscle signals of the wearer. Up to six control programs with the SensorHand Speed and VariPlus Speed make it possible to tailor the hand prosthesis to the individual needs of the user – depending on whether the wearer can control one or two muscle signals. The gripping force and gripping speed can also be adjusted.

Prosthetic hand sets standards

The DMS plus hand not only responds with great sensitivity but also features a unique safety mechanism. This "virtual hand switch" ensures that a firm grip – for example around an object – is only released after building up a strong muscle signal. This avoids loosening the grip unintentionally.

bebionic or Myo-electric prosthetic devices

Myoelectric-controlled arm prostheses are externally powered prostheses, which means that they are not driven by the muscle strength of the patient, but with the aid of electric power.

The Ottobock Bebionic Hand offers advantages
you could only dream of just a few years ago:  

Individual motors
Powerful microprocessors
14 selectable grip patterns
Proportional speed control
Four wrist options
bebalance software 
     Selectable thumb positions
Auto grip
Foldaway fingers
Durable construction
Innovative palm design
Soft finger pads