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Prosthetic devices for Children

Pediatric Prosthetics  |  Pediatric Orthodics  |  Orthotic Shoes for Kids



Skyland Prosthetics and Orthotics has been helping pediatric patients with both prosthetic and orthotic devices since 1979.  Our in house experts are well versed in treating pediatric patients in a comfortable and fun environment. We specialize in helping children become mobile and active so that they can just be kids. Our certified experts evaluate your child’s needs and provide him with only the highest quality fitting and functioning devices so that nothing will hinder his abilities.

Pediatric Orthotics are devices that assist in supporting a deficiency whether it be cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia, club feet or any other disorders or deformities. They help correct deformities, provide support to help your child stand, walk and play like every other child. At Skyland Prosthetics and Orthotics we make sure your child is provided the most appropriate and comfortable devices possible.

Pediatric Prosthetics are needed when your child has undergone a necessary amputation or is born with any type of congenital limb defect. Pediatric Prosthetics are fit as soon as possible to help the child learn to utilize the devices to make them a part of his life as he grows. Skyland Prosthetics and Orthotics provides exceptional care for your child through all the years of growth and change. SPO skilled clinicians have decades of experience helping the pediatric patient growing with limb loss.

Please contact Skyland’s kind, caring and compassionate team for the best outcome for you child