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AFO foot correction

Orthopedic Shoes for Children


The AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) braces also known as a drop-foot brace can be corrected with orthotic shoes designed to fit around the AFO brace.  


A DAFO (Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis) adds a thin, flexible, external support to the foot, ankle and/or lower leg. DAFO's can help a patient maintain a functional position, a DAFO can improve stability for successful standing and walking. 

Over Pronation

Over pronation is a symptom of excessively relaxed ligaments that allow a child’s heels to fall inward and medial arch to appear to collapse.  Though some pronation is normal, if a child has exaggerated toe-out gait (seems to walk like a duck), trips easily, or fatigues from normal running and playing, the child is probably over pronating.  Pediatric, custom-made foot orthotics or supramalleolar orthotics can be used to correct this pronation and promote health balance, gait, and posture.  Then the growth and  development of the feet will have a more positive alignment and function, reducing complications of flat feet in adulthood.

Children Orthopedic shoes