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WillowWood One® Auto Adjusting Vacuum 

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 WillowWood One® TF System

Product Highlights:
Features two seal points.  Once donned, no need to adjust prosthesis the rest of the day. No hoses, no sleeves. LimbLogic's Adaptive Mode automatically switches to a lower vacuum level when amputee is resting. Use with LimbLogic or as a suction system. The new Alph Duo Liner retrofits with the WillowWood One®  System's fabricless Alpha Smart Temp Liner.  Control LimbLogic with your iPad or iPhone.


WillowWood One

 WillowWood One® TT System

 Product Highlights:
 Can be used with suction suspension or with an elevated vacuum.  Features two seal points. Control with your iPhone or iPad.  The Alpha Duo Liners, One Gel Sock, and the pre-fixed One® Sleeve are part of the system and also available separately. 



Initiated from a Veteran's Administration Grant, the WillowWood One® system offers remarkable security and improved range of motion for lower-extremity amputees.

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