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Shaun Dolen: Vice-President, Certified Prosthetist ABC/BOC Certified

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The Prosthetics department, the heart and soul of our business since 1979, has “come a long way, baby”. The innovations and new technologies available to amputees today, as compared to 1979, are absolutely mind-boggling. It is an exciting time for this industry. we are able to fit amputees with much more difficult types of amputations today with far greater success than in the past. We truly take an interest in our patients’ lives and see to their successes in their daily endeavors. We follow them as if they were family, for the rest of their lives. This process is very important in order to have superior communication and availability for the patient at all times.  We offer all types of prostheses available today, new technology and old school technique, keeping one thing in mind, that no two people are alike. We design and build each prosthesis specifically for each patient.  Proper fit is important for all patients and especially for diabetes patients.  

C-Leg by Otto Bock


We currently are certified with the latest technology in all microprocessor controlled knees (Otto Bock C-Leg, Rheo Knee by OssurFreedom Innovations, Plie) and feet (Ossur Proprio) as well as elevated vacuum technology. We also are certified with the latest myo-electric (Touch Bionics) technology for upper extremity patients (arm amputees), as well. We currently use the latest technology in computer-assisted design prostheses, utilizing a hand-held, digital scanner (Omega Tracer) that provides perfect three dimensional images of the amputee’s limb. This software allows us to modify these shapes in ways we have not been able to do in the past by hand. We also can store these images forever and duplicate any fitting of a prosthesis. We also use traditional hand-skill techniques.

The bottom line is…….. We do “WHATEVER IT TAKES” to satisfy a patient’s physical needs and emotional wants






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