Ottobock Prostheses

The modern advancements in prostheses, made by Otto Bock, make it possible to preserve or restore mobility and quality of life. Different lives produce differing demands on your prosthesis. We provide prosthetic fittings that are perfectly adapted to your daily requirements.

Ottoboch C-Leg

The ImprovedC-Leg®

Improved Mobility, Improved Confidence Among prosthetic patients it is found that confidence, in the prosthesis, is of utmost importance. The new C-Leg® has made improvements to create a device of increased reliability and security that users require all day long. Simultaneously, the C-Leg® provides options for greater customization than ever before. 


Innovation that Moves

In order to enhance further development of the C-Leg® substantial amounts of data were collected from customers and users. The new functions added were specific to the reported needs of prosthesis patients and serve to ­­compliment everyday freedom of movement.

Ottoboch C-Leg

Proven Advantages of the C-Leg®

Through countless clinical evaluations, the C-Leg® has been reviewed and assessed more than any other leg prosthesis system.

Proven advantage of C-Leg

New C-Soft 2.4 Software

The new C-Leg® offers an updated version of the adjustment software that is required in order to take full advantage of the prosthesis’ newly added functions.

Leg Prostheses

Our modular system is a compressive selection of knees, feet and adapters. This reliable system will fabricate and fit a prosthesis that matches your patients’ specific needs.

Leg Prosthetics

Child Prosthetic

Developing children are ready to explore the world and become independent. Keeping pace with the other children when playing and performing everyday activities is important for child development and growth. Our prosthetics will ensure children have the confidence they need to reach their full potential.

Ottoboch Arm and Leg Prosthetics Advancements

In a high voltage accident Christian Kandlbauer lost both his arms and was fitted with a myoelectric DynamicArm® on his right side. On his left side, Christian was fitted with the DynamicArm® TMR which, until now, was considered science fiction. This prosthetic is controlled with his mind by simply moving his phantom arm in his mind. The prototype was successfully tested and developed into a mind-controlled arm prosthesis. Presently, the design offers three joints with an extraordinarily high degree of autonomy and independence in everyday life. This means that Christian Kandlbauer was able to return to work in an auto repair shop and live without the assistance of others. Unfortunately, Christian Kandlbauer passed away in a traffic accident on his way to work in October of 2010. His participation in the use of the Dynamic Arm technology has created a solid foundation for the continuation of this technological project that may benefit countless amputees in the future.

Ottobock Arm and Leg Prosthectic

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