Skyland Prosthetics & Orthotics, Inc., a unique prosthetic-orthotic facility, established in 1979, was founded by Bruce and Pippa Dolen. Bruce, a highly-skilled Certified Prosthetist, after being affiliated with another facility for thirteen years, decided it was time to forge ahead on his own. After much knocking on doors and punching numbers on telephones, Skyland Prosthetics emerged in its first location…a fifteen- hundred- square- foot, non-descript building at 2305 Hendersonville Road, staffed only by Bruce and Pippa. But, tragedy struck the business in 1995 with the untimely death of Bruce. However, Shaun, their son, had joined the business in 1988. Stunned, floundering, grasping, grieving……and fielding several offers to sell the business, Pippa and Shaun pulled up their bootstraps and began their march….DETERMINED to survive in the wake of this horrendous setback. 
Bruce Dolen

In the beginning, the company’s primary focus was prosthetics, the fabrication and fitting of artificial limbs. However, in 1996, realizing a need to become more visible following that very traumatic time, post-mastectomy services were added as another specialty. Pippa knew that when you get women talking you’ve got it “goin’on”. Then, in 1997, a dream of Bruce’s was fulfilled with the addition of orthotics, the fabrication and fitting of devices designed to assist impaired joints and limbs. By 2002, the time had arrived for a larger facility. Once again, knocking on doors and punching telephone numbers, the business leased a four- thousand- square- foot building that required much re-modeling to suit the needs of the ever-growing company, now located at 2501 Hendersonville Road. From 1500 square feet to 4000 square feet was like manna from heaven. But, nothing is forever………and in 2007 the leased building was sold. BUT….good things continue to come from bad. Undaunted, they pulled up their bootstraps and determination one more time and forged ahead. With a lot of ingenuity and blood, sweat, and tears a new building rose from the dirt at 3845 Hendersonville Road in Fletcher. Six thousand square feet of space and wrangled nerves, Shaun and Pippa just kept on doing what they have been doing…………….and keep on and keep on and keep on………but always aware of all the help and expertise that they have been able to garner together into the group they call family………… a family of twenty that had started as only two…….from 1500 to 6000 square feet…offering services in three disciplines rather than only one. Shaun and Pippa breathe in very deeply every day in wonderment as to how they arrived at this place…………………ever mindful of where they have been


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